The Musical Organism

Apr 8, 2021

What was it like to live in an age where the only music you would hear in your lifetime was the music made by yourself and those around you?

And every “performance” was unique. With no recordings, you could never exactly replicate the same music twice.

So when you heard music, that was the ONLY time you (or anyone) would ever hear that music. It couldn’t — and wouldn’t — ever exist again outside of that singular moment in time.

If value derives (at least in part) from scarcity, have we not devalued and cheapened music by making it abundant? Is this profane?

Or, instead, is it the most sacred thing to ever happen to music?

By providing ecosystems for music to thrive, diversify, and easily reproduce, have we brought music to life in an unfathomable new way?

Perhaps we have endowed it with the attributes of Life, and given birth to something completely new and completely beautiful.

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